At Zain Engineering Company (Private) Limited, we offer a comprehensive array of services in the realm of fire safety to safeguard your assets and protect lives. Our dedicated expertise includes:

  • Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Fire Fighting System: Our team of experts ensures that your fire suppression system is meticulously designed, sourced, installed, and commissioned to the highest standards.
  • Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Fire Alarm System: We provide complete fire alarm solutions, from inception to operation, to keep you ahead of potential hazards.
  • Operation and Maintenance Services: Our commitment to safety extends beyond installation, as we offer ongoing maintenance to keep your systems in optimal working condition.
  • Pipes and Fittings Supply: We deliver a wide range of fire-resistant pipes and fittings to suit your specific needs.
  • Supply of Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Equipment as per Drawing/Site Requirement: Count on us for tailored equipment procurement to align perfectly with your site’s requirements and blueprints.
  • Detailed Design and Engineering as per Site Layout Plan according to NFPA and Local Laws: Our meticulous planning ensures that your fire safety systems comply with NFPA standards and local regulations.
  • After-Sale Services: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we provide exceptional post-installation support to address any concerns and maintain the longevity of your systems.

At ZEC, we’re committed to fire safety excellence. Our team of experts stands ready to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your specific needs.