Category : Completed Projects

Chanar Energy Limited


  • Erection & Commissioning of MV LV Switchgear
  • Cable Laying, Termination & Testing of whole Plant
  • Erection & Commissioning of Plant Equipment’s
  • Cable Tray Works
  • Earthing System of Plant
  • Installation of Lighting System of Plant

Pipri Grid Station

Erection,testing and Commissioning of  250 MVA Auto Transformer at Pipri Grid Station .

  • Installation, Testing, Dehydration & Commissioning of 250MVA Auto Transformer at Pipri Grid Station
  • Sergi System Local parts (Supply & Installation)

TP -1000 Project at KE

Erection, Testing & Commissioning Works of 132/11KV Substations.

  • LANDHI  132KV Extension Works
  • Karachi Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) 132KV Extension Works
  • RECP 132KV Extension Works

100MW Zorlu Bahawalpur Solar power Plant

Civil, Electrical  Erection, Testing & Commissioning for 132/11KV
Switchyard .(Partially completed)

  • Foundation Works for 132/11KV Power Transformer
  • Foundation Works for 132KV AIS CB, CT & MCT
  • Foundation Works for 132KV AIS Surge Arrestor, VT
  • Civil Works for Earthing Transformer & Earth Mast Foundation
  • Construction of Fire Protection Wall
  • Construction of 132KV Switchyard Cable Trenches
  • Provision and Placing of Trench Covers
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